9 Mysterious Characters of The Game World

9 mysterious characters of the game world G-man


In this article, we take a look at the most mysterious characters of the game world. To tell you from the beginning, we did not add characters such as Outsider and Elysium Man, who were later learned through books and explanations.




9 mysterious characters of the game world zer0


Zer0, the mysterious assassin in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Telltale, is exactly a curtain of mystery. We still have no idea about Zer0’s real life, or even whether he’s a human.




9 mysterious characters of the game world fallout


Although the mysterious character we know as Mysterious Stranger has experienced minor changes throughout the Fallout series, he is mostly known for his trench jeans, sombrero, and revolver gun in Fallout 3 and New Vegas games.
He would appear in the middle of the game to help with iconic music and disappear without a word. Although there are many clues about himself in Fallout games, we never learned whether this mysterious character was a single person or a member of an organization.




9 mysterious characters of the game world ıgor


Igor, who appears in Velvet rooms, which is among the subconscious in the persona series, is the character who has an important place in the adventures in the game. There is no information confirming who Igor serves and what exactly he is. Although there are different theories put forward, Igor is still considered one of the game characters that keep their mystery.




9 mysterious characters of the game world m'aiq


M’aiq, one of the indispensable characters of the Elder Scrolls games since Morrowind, has repeatedly proved that it is much more than an ordinary NPC with what he says every time we meet. In general, Ma’iq, who is aware of everything with his references to the strengths and weaknesses of the game, is one of the game characters who still preserves the mystery.




9 mysterious characters of the game world merchant resident evil


Apart from the fact that we cannot see the face of Merchant, the arms dealer, he is also quite mysterious with his demeanor. Nobody knows that he has gathered so much ammunition in the universe of Resident Evil. The players in pursuit of detail have produced such theories that there are even those who say that Merchant is an Umbrella agent.




9 mysterious characters of the game world strange man red dead redemption


Although we could kill this mysterious man, whom we had the chance to talk to several times in a side mission, under different conditions, in the cinematic at the end of the mission, he walked away as if nothing had happened. According to the most talked-about theories, this man could either be a god or a devil. In fact, according to our theory, it might even be the creator himself who designed the architecture of the game.




9 mysterious characters of the game world solaire of astora dark souls


In pursuit of its own sun, Solaire of Astora is an NPC we can call for help when needed in Dark Souls. Stronger than he looks and full of surprises with his happy and solid personality, Astora is one of the most talked-about and unknown characters of the series with all these features.




khan metro 9 mysterious characters of the game world


Standing out with his different worldview and wisdom, Khan is a character who has every knowledge of Metro. In fact, he knew more than any ordinary person should know. However, almost all of the supernatural events we encountered in the Metro took place when Khan accompanied us. He is one of the game characters that still keeps its mystery because there is little information about him in the metro books.




9 mysterious characters of the game world g-man half-life


We can call The G-man the most mysterious game character in the game world. There are many theories about this character that we always encounter in the Half-life series, but do not know who he is and what he is after.
Is G-man someone from the future?
Is G-man an alien?
Or is it a fictional character that Gordon Freeman produced in his mind? Since the sequels of the series are unfortunately not available, we know very little about G-man.


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