A Glimpse Of Fall Guys Season 3

A glimpse of Fall Guys Season 3 new sneak peak

The third season of Fall Guys, Winter Knockout, is getting closer. The producers posted a sneak peek about the new season on their official Twitter account.


For the released sneak peek, the producers sent a 300-piece puzzle to 300 different Twitter users and asked them to assemble it. Finally, Ben Cuff announced that they had finished the puzzle by working together. Thus, we had the opportunity to look at the new season.






As you can see, the theme of the new season is specially prepared for the winter season. The producers will add new skins and episodes this season as well. The snowman skin looks pretty from what we’ve seen. Besides, the slippery track will be used frequently in the episodes to be added this season.


We can understand from this sneak peek how creative and unique the creators of Fall Guys are.


The new season of Fall Guys has already satisfied the players.


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