Among Us Review | Time to Review Your Friendship

Among  Us is an online and local party game developed by Innersloth.The game where dirty clothes come out and even friendships put to the big test.


The game does not have a story, but the plot is simple. Players are on a spaceship, but there is one person (there may be more than one) that person is Imposter.


among us


Time to review your friendship


Betrayal, dishonesty and intrigue.


In space!


While crews are doing the tasks (the tasks are in the form of mini-games), that person sabotages the spaceship and hunt the others. When a crew member sees a body, reports it. And then,  everyone tries to find the killer.The reporting process works as follows: When the report comes out, a discussion starts.And the person with the most votes is thrown from the ship.






Choose wisely.

It is difficult to find the right one because everyone can lie.I can say that if you have a slightly crowded group of friends that you can play with, I would recommend it.




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