Among Us Update Brings 3 Major Changes

Among Us is ready for new innovations. What about you guys?
"Among Us is ready for new innovations. What about you guys?"



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The beta version of the new patch for Among Us is now available on PC. It offers many improvements, including the anonymous voting option, the possibility to hide the taskbar, and a mode for color blindness.


Public testing of the new update for Among Us has begun. Currently released on PC only and can be tested by anyone who has access to beta version patches on Steam.


Players who play the game on iOS and Android will have to wait for the patch to be officially released.


The developers at Innersloth have not published a list of changes introduced by the patch. However, the players immediately discovered the most important ones.



among us game imposter


These; There are options such as ensuring anonymity during voting, the possibility of changing the visibility of the taskbar.



among us

Among  Us is an online and local party game developed by Innersloth.The game where dirty clothes come out and even friendships put to the big test.   The game does not have a story, …


The last major innovation that the players have discovered is the colorblind mode. This option was something many people wanted.


among us colorblind reddit


An interesting picture was posted on Reddit a while ago, showing how people with different color perception disorders see the characters in the game.


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