Apex Legends’ Most Selected Characters Announced

Apex Legends' Most Selected Characters Announced list steam

Recently, Respawn Entertainment shared some list from the game with an event on Twitter. In this way, we had the opportunity to learn the 5 characters most used by the players in Apex Legends.


In the posted Tweet, we are asked to guess the most used characters. The company also shared the real data one hour after the guessing game.



The top characters on the list, Wraith, and Bloodhound, may not surprise you. For why these characters are popular and enjoyable to play. These two characters, which have been played with love since Apex Legends was released, are still preferred after all this time.


Apex Legends' Most Selected Characters Announced wraith


On the other hand, the third-ranked character Horizon has been added to the game with the new season. We will find out in the coming months whether the players liked Horizon or the effect of this new season.


And 4th place on the list is Octane. It seems that the character, which stands out with its speed and life regeneration features, still maintains its popularity.


Finally, the 5th place on the list is Lifeline. Lifeline users must still enjoy using support features.


You can read our news below to learn about the changes in season 7 in Apex legends.



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