Apex Legends Season 7 Changes

apex legends season 7 new map steam

Apex Legends Season 7 Adds New Character, New Map, New Animations.


Respawn announced that with the season 7 , apart from the new character, a great map and various animations will come to the Apex Legends.


With the release of Apex Legends on Steam, season 7 (Rise) is coming to the popular battle royale game. The most striking innovation will undoubtedly be the Olympus map, a vast city in the clouds. Besides, players will have the opportunity to see a brilliant astrophysicist named Horizon, who managed to escape from the black hole and has been a master of gravity ever since. It’s worth mentioning that players are extremely excited about the upcoming in-game changes and innovations.


Apex Legends olympus map season 7


With the Ascension Battle Pass, which will provide access to over 100 unique items. So, that will satisfy players who are curious about the Battle Pass.


Apex Legends Promise Video About New Season


Thus, to celebrate the announcement of the new season, Respawn Entertainment released an animation called “Promise” that expands the universe of Apex Legends, which you can watch above. The animation depicts the character of Dr. Mary Somers (Horizon), who hired to prevent an energy disaster that happened almost a century ago.



Apex Legends will be playable on Steam on November 4


7th season will be a turning point for Apex Legends. It seems that, with Steam, it will increase the number of players that already exist. Therefore, the new season and new battle pass will be experienced by more players.


As you know, battle royale and similar games like to bring innovations every season.


It is indisputable to say that these innovations are in a race with each other to meet the demands of the players.
Let’s see Apex Legends will be able to increase the interest of the players with its arrival in Steam and its new season.


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