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Black Myth :Wukong is an Action-Adventure RPG game. The main character is the Monkey King. The most important feature of this hero is that he can perform more than 70 special skills with his stick. It shows that he is a total action freak.


Although it looks like Dark Souls, at first glance, it seems that it has no such purpose.They try to create a unique atmosphere with their inspiration from other games.Our main character, Monkey King, can also enter different forms. It was nice to add this form change not only in action scenes but also in points that require stealthiness.The style of the game, the way they want to go, and what they promise seem incredible.


Black Myth Action rpg game


Game Science Interactive Technology, founded as an independent company founded in 2014. Its founders are former Tencent employees.


AAA action RPG adventure game they want to do. So they’re after a big job doing it.But they are still doing a risky job for a small team. And that raises question marks.


The Far East market is not very open to the west. In recent years, as in other sectors, extroversion has started in the gaming industry.


It is also described as China’s first AAA titled game. We were seeing Chinese developers more active in the mobile game industry. However, we can say that they are targeting the global market for the next-generation console and PC by using Unreal Engine 4 to develop the Black Myth: Wukong .


Black Myth wukong action AAA game


Also, Black Myth: WuKong got its first trailer. The trailer, which enables us to have an idea about the gameplay style, managed to attract hundreds of thousands of people in a short time.


Here is the last game we saw in Black Myth, which is one of these independent initiatives.




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