Change of Video Game Characters Over The Years

Video game characters were also affected by the change of time. Some have aged and, some have evolved.
"Video game characters were also affected by the change of time. Some have aged and, some have evolved."


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Video game characters, like everything, have changed over time. But the time that ages us works differently for them. They evolve, change, and even age over the years.


Let’s Take A Look at Some of The Game Characters That Have Changed Over The Years


B.J. Blazkowicz


bj blazkowicz game characters years change


B.J. Blazkowicz started his life as a portrait. When Wolfstein 3D first appeared in 1992, it consisted of 100 pixels. The game world has had many attempts to return this iconic character over the years, but the real return was in the hands of Bethesda in 2014. We can say that this recycling is successful for Bj.




agent 47 then and now game characters years change hitman


One of the characters that has not touched much over the years is Agent 47. We first knew him as code name 47 in 2000. Although much has changed since then, he never took off his suit.




Video game characters, like everything else in the world, change over time Tomb Raider lara Croft


Nobody got so young over the years like Lara Croft. When it first emerged in 1996, it consisted of 5 10 polygons as time permits. After Lara Croft reboot, it returned to its previous state and had nothing to do with the old one.



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kratos god of war game change over years characters


Kratos is one of the characters that has been hitting by time. The man, full of anger, got very old. Kratos, which made its debut in 2005, was more built and younger.


The old version is more seated. Even the scar on the face faded, beards turned white, yet we had never seen anyone who could age so well.




sam fisher game change over years characters splinter cell


Sam Fisher is also one of the other aging characters. Sam Fisher, who we first met with the splinter cell game in 2002, has not been around for a long time. He finally appeared in a DLC of wildlands.




max payne game characters


Another game character that changes over time is Max Payne. The first game in the series, Max Payne, was released for Microsoft Windows in September 2000. The last game of the series left New York and the NYPD after aging for another 12 years. His exterior is rather old and depressed than before.


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