Children of Morta | Family Comes First | Review

Children of Morta | Family Comes First | Review

Children of Morta is a story-driven hack & slash game with roguelike elements. Developed by Dead Mage and published by 11-bit studios.


The game , about the Bergson family struggle against the darkness that leaks from Mount Morta, with both family ties, character diversity, and roguelike elements,  is an indie production.


You’ll be playing as the Burgsson family. All of the playable characters in the family have their play style and unique progression.


children of morta

Family Comes First

The game has Diablo-like hack & slash inspirations, we strengthen our characters with the gold we collect when we die, and we dive straight into caves again. Also, as we chop enemies, we can access special abilities for that character.


Different playable characters and their unique abilities provide a new way to play the roguelike genre.

The environments and especially the visuality of pixel graphic art is admirable.


Even if gameplay screams like “Death is İnevitable” with those roguelike elements, dying is not a problem for the players. Because when death comes, the experience and points gained do not go away. With every failure, the story continues with cut scenes.


children of morta family comes first


Besides, I cannot pass without mentioning about the narrator.The narrator’s passion is another plus for this game. The narration in this game is well-written.


Challenger, enjoyable, sad, and delightful

With countable a lot of things, but in short, it is a perfect game.

To sum up, if you miss a bastion-like narrator, smashing around, pixel art, and a beautiful story, you should try it.


If you like productions like Hades or Moonlighter, you will fall in love with Children of Morta too.


children of morta family comes firstJoin the Bergsson family and join them in their fight against corruption.

Devs note:

LOCAL COUPLE PLAY is already available in the game. So two players can play together and fight Corruption. ONLINE CO-PLAY is still in development and will be added to the game in a future update.


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