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Dead Cells is the best indie game among rogue-lite games with its replayability.
"Dead Cells is the best indie game among rogue-lite games with its replayability."


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Dead Cells is a rogue-lite action platform game developed by Motion Twin and inspired by Metroidvania elements. And also one of the successful representatives of the rogue-lite genre.


The “born and die” game is all about this, but as this cycle goes on, you get stronger.


First of all, what makes Dead Cells so incredible is the fluid controls. Every second you play the game, you feel like you are in a fast-flowing river. Although it is not easy to convey this feeling in a very natural way without requiring it, the Dead Cells achieves this.



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While trying to bring together the strengths of your equipment and use it most effectively, you suddenly find yourself performing some combos.


And you do these things almost by instinct.


It unlocks the use of a new difficulty level once you have the game.


There are five difficulty levels in total with the beginning.





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Dead cells take the elements of dark souls as an example of storytelling. There is no narrator directly telling what is happening. With the clues offered in the game, we testify to what happened to the player in the universe.


When we gather all the mentioned things together, the Dead Cells become an extremely successful game.


There are many different reasons to love the Dead Cells.



With boss fights, graphics, animations, and sound effects, it manages very well to satisfy the players.


It is a very enjoyable game with the beauty of the graphics, the smoothness of the gameplay, and the paradox in the story.


A game with high equipment and a variety of enemies that you can play repeatedly and spend quality time without getting bored.


If you want to learn about the rogue-lite genre, we strongly recommend this article.


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