Dr Disrespect’s Rogue Company Map



According to Hi-Rez Studios, Rogue Company has managed to attract more than 8 million players and, while technically still in open beta, it was the most successful launch.


If you start playing Rogue Company today, you will experience it in The Arena, a map designed by the publisher and former Call of Duty level designer. Gaudy and red.
It matches Dr. Disrespect‘s personality on-screen and goes beyond aesthetics. Hi-Rez says, “It encourages players to engage in fast-paced and aggressive fights, with solidly designed areas that give players multiple movement options to take down their opponents”.


Also, Hi-Rez has added Dr. Disrespect skin to the game so you can decorate your Rogue with its looks.




Rogue Company, can be described as an easy-going, casual shooter game. The comments made are that the matches progress fast enough, which encourages you to try new strategies. It is in your hands to win and lose with the speed of conflict and satisfying armed conflicts. We will see together how the game, which has a healthy player base, for now, will gain a place among competitive fps games with its current tempo and micro transformations.


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