Epic Games | 15 days of Free Games | Leaked List

Epic Games 15 days of Free Games Leaked


With the release of the new free mystery game pack to the Epic Games Store, all players were overly excited about this. 


Of course, everyone tried to guess what these mysterious games were. The games that will be given with a piece of leakage information seem too good to be true.


However, it may also be a complete rumor.


Here is the full list of those  15 Days of Free Games.


Epic Games 15 days of Free Games Leaked list


17/12 Dying Light

18/12 Resident Evil 7

19/12 The Witcher 3

20/12 Mass Effect: Andromeda

21/12 Assassin’s Creed: Origins

22/12 Metal Gear Solid V

23/12 The Evil Within 2

24/12 Far Cry 5

25/12 Fallout 4

26/12 Borderlands 3

27/12 Monster Hunter Worlds

28/12 Dragon Age Inquisition

29/12 Horizon Zero Dawn

30/12 Ghost Recon Breakpoint

31/12 Hitman 2


It looks like we’re going to enter the new year with Hitman 2.


Even though the games on the list seem fake, the question comes to mind, What if?



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