Exciting Statement From Valve | Gabe Newell Is Serious This Time

Valve steam Gabe newell game half-life new games dota 2 tf2


Valve, the developer of many successful games such as Half-Life and Portal, along with the popular gaming platform Steam, is developing new games.


Valve’s boss Gabe Newell made important statements about the brand’s future in a new interview with 1 News. Confirming that Valve was already working on “several” projects, the executive managed to avoid questions he did not want with his rhetoric reminiscent of a politician.


Valve steam Gabe newell game half-life new games dota 2 tf2


Speaking to 1 news, Game Newell said: “We definitely have new games under development that we will be announcing. It was great to return to single-player games with Half-Life Alyx, we had a nice momentum within the company,” he said.


One of the notable parts of the interview was the new Half-Life game codenamed “Citadel”. Our colleagues, who asked Newell for that code name, again didn’t get the answer they wanted. Valve’s boss said he’d never heard of Citadel, and that code names were constantly changing within the firm.


We are looking forward to what other kinds of games we will see by Valve.


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