Extremely Rare CS:GO Weapon Skin Sold for an Abnormal Price

Extremely Rare CS: GO Weapon Skin Sold for an Abnormal Price Case Harderdened ST MW 661 AK-47


Recently, an extremely rare CS:GO weapon skin sold for an abnormal price of $ 150,000.


The weapon skins trades have become one of the most important parts of CS: GO since the Arms Deal update in 2013, and players are now trading the weapon skins not just to replace their skins with new ones.



Twitter user ROFL announced in a tweet on January 14 that a group of extremely rare CS: GO skins have been put up for sale, saying that “I’m helping a friend sell his collection.”


CS: GO weapon skin worth $ 150,000: AK-47 Case Harderdened ST MW 661


According to ROFL, the AK-47 coating Case Harderdened ST MW 661, one of the products in the collection, is sold for an astronomical price of 150 thousand dollars, making it the most expensive weapon skin in CS: GO history.


So why is the Case Harderdened ST MW 661 AK-47 coating so valuable?


First of all, this coating was inside the first gun case to come into the game and is part of the Arms Deal Collection. Also a StatTrak ™ Technology on top of the “Minimal Wear” weapon. Bearing 4 ‘Titan | There is also a Katowice 2014 sticker.


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