Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PC Review

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Fall Guys is a production that succeeds in bringing a different breath to the games of trying to kill people by finding weapons after falling on the island and trying to be the first. Fall Guys, who slapped the battle-royale rush of the recent period, which does not contain episode design and gameplay depth in any way, actually teaches that you can go out of duplicate games.


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There are many different modes and maps in the game depends on the number of players. At every stage, the game shows you the number of people. If you cannot pass these people, you return to the lobby and start again.


The game modes are as follows.


Parkour Stages:The stages you have to finish according to the number of people shown.


Elimination Stages:In this stage, which varies according to the map, sometimes you grab the queue and run until the time is over, and sometimes you try not to fall and try to pass the stage.


Team Play Stages:You try to earn points with team play logic. If your team is bad, you have nothing to do, unfortunately.


Final Stages:There are 3 different maps in the final stages.


  1. The game of grabbing the tail in which the chase continues during the given time, whoever has the tail wins.
  2. The parkour game where the first person to win the crown.
  3. The game that we try to stay to the end without falling on a rotating platform. 

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     Cute, soft, and fluffy.

  • The graphics are adorable.
  • The skin variety is more than enough.
  • You can buy skins with the coins you get by playing games.

Apparently,Fall guys introduced something new and got the appreciation of the players by stepping out of similar and popular games.


Of course, cheaters are in the center of attention now.


Let us see how long the game will be able to continue this success.



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