Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | The Extraordinary Idea

Fall Guys has led to radical changes in the gaming world with its innovative idea.
"Fall Guys has led to radical changes in the gaming world with its innovative idea."


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | The Extraordinary Idea


Fall Guys is an online game that combines the wipeout theme with the classic battle royale theme. The game puts you on track with your character.


The idea of ​​60 people competing with each other in the game creates a comedy atmosphere. The fact that it is a physics-based game combined with challenging tracks offers a fun experience for the players. Seeing characters standing on top of each other, not knowing what to face when interacting with environmental elements makes the game enjoyable to play.


But people loved this simple but effective style of play so much that it suddenly turned into a million-dollar hit. Currently, Steam is among the most played games.



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The team that developed fall guys is called Mediatonic. Even though you have never heard of them, they are not new. They are a company that has been operating in the game industry since about 2005.

When they opened their game companies, they made attempts to get business from outside. They increased the number of their customers with the flash games they made.


Making web-based games gave them a good profit. They started to receive investments by increasing the number of offices. Since they provided a good return with their work, the companies that worked with them once continued to work for a long time. After a while, their desire to make original games grows, and with a simple observation, they reveal an interesting idea, Fall Guys.


Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout | The Extraordinary Idea


Although they had found an impressive concept, there was still a lot of work to be done.


While the company founded by two university students was developing games for other companies, they achieved great success by releasing their own hit game. Moreover, it is a hard job to be able to do it with a big sound.


But most of all, it was a gratifying situation on behalf of Devolver Digital, the publisher of the game. They were releasing quality games for years, but they were always silent. I think they deserve such an explosion in the end.


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