Four Last Things | A Renaissance Game And Portraits

Four Last Things | A Renaissance Game And Portraits


Four Last Things is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Joe Richardson.
Our character in the game leans on the door of the church to be purified. But, because of the political affairs of the church, he has to commit his sins again.


The game reflects the mystical spirit of Renaissance Europe very well, it also contains humorous approaches related to this period. The sarcastic jokes, dialogues, and gestures it contains immensely draw you into the atmosphere.


If you like comedy games and are looking for visuals, the game Four Last Things is just for you. It stands out as a brilliantly designed game according to the point&click genre consisting of portraits. It has also been a successful game in plot and plot technique since it is based on original content.


A Renaissance Game And Portraits


The only downside of the game is its short duration. Although the duration of the game can be extended with the easy and difficult puzzles it contains, it makes you want to play more as it continues.


As a lover of point and click games, you shouldn’t miss Four Last Things, full of humor blended with works of art.





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