Ghosts Will Become Much Smarter in Phasmophobia

With New Updates, Ghosts in the Game Will Be Much Smarter than Normal.
"With New Updates, Ghosts in the Game Will Be Much Smarter than Normal."


Ghosts Will Become Much Smarter in Phasmophobia


Phasmophobia is one of the most played horror games of the last period on Steam. With the next update, our friends in the afterlife will force us even more.


It has been watched for over 10 million hours and had great success on Twitch. Developer Kinetic Games will improve the game and add new horror items with a series of updates.


You can see all of these on the official Trello board.



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Generally speaking, if voice recognition is working, ghosts will become smarter, and it seems like players won’t answer from the soul box unless they ask a direct question.


Ghosts within the game will also enter different rooms more often, and instead of traveling aimlessly, they will return to the last location they saw a player.


Also, Kinetic Games is looking for new ideas so that dead players can help those who remain. It seems that the ghosts in Phasmophobia will offer players a better gaming experience.


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For those who haven’t tried this impressive horror game yet, the game link is HERE!


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