delayed games 2020 postponed

We witnessed many games that were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic.


But based on our experience over the past years, delaying a game may not be such a bad situation. It doesn’t hurt to wait a little longer, rather than a huge disappointment.

Let’s see which games we have to wait a little longer to play.


Here are some of the games that have been postponed until this time.


Cyberpunk 2077


cyberpunk 2077 delayed canceled games 2020


Normally it would be released in the first spring then postponed to October. And so on…Cd Project Red had also gone into postponement situations with the Witcher 3 game, but the result was very successful. In other words, this situation can be considered as an indication that they are trying to present their games with higher quality.


Fairly understandable delay…




deathloop canceled delayed postponed games 2020


The game developed by Arkane Studio has been postponed to the 2nd quarter of 2021. Despite this, deathloop is still among the most anticipated games.


Halo Infinite


halo infinite delayed postponed games 2020


Halo Infinite postponed to 2021. Maybe this is one of the most painful postponements on this list.


Because it was a game planned for the released of the next-generation console for the X-Box. However, from the latest video footage, it seems that lots of places that need to be polished technically. It was good to delay a game for the new generation as it should not look like this.


Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2


vampire the masquared bloodlines 2 canceled delayed 2020


The game was postponed to 2021 because when looking at Gamescom 2019, a presentation about the game was expected, but that was made like a slide show. The fact that a game that was approaching was not fully introduced made us feel that there was a problem. Therefore, it should not be surprising that it was postponed. We know that there are also administrative problems such as the separation of the paths in the writing staff.


The first game had a cult side. It was a good game in the RPG genre. It was expected that a game would offer a better experience when presented to the player. Delaying it was a better choice, at least in terms of catching that bar.


Watch Dogs Legion


watch dogs legion delayed games 2020


Postponed to October 29, 2020, it would normally be released in the spring semester. This delay was for the best and worse because it will be in the middle of too many games on the postponed date. It looks like it will be a game caught between giants. Since it is technically bad, it is more preferred to be delayed and compete with games larger than its height. However, postponing it does not seem to be a very wrong decision.


Dying Light 2


dying light 2 delayed canceled postponed games 2020


It is postponed indefinitely. It is still unknown when it will be released.  The game looks like it will be an incredibly beautiful RPG game with its visible side at Gamescom. It will be an even more RPG game than the first game. We were so impressed by what we saw that the postponement situation upset most of the players. Moreover , there were also problems with some names in the management section. Postponing them indefinitely also creates question marks in the minds.






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