Let’s Talk About Indie Games

Indie games have evolved, making them feel more and more in the gaming world.
"Indie games have evolved, making them feel more and more in the gaming world."


Let's Talk About Indie Games ftl limbo bastion fez braid


Independent (indie) games are one of the most important reasons why the game world has become today. They have been the games that shaped the current industry, whether good or bad. They brought a new fresh breath into the gaming industry, which started to become monopolized and commonplace.


For example…


Minecraft, which shook the world, is an independent game and the product of a success that does not have huge budgets. And became one of the biggest brands in the game world.




steam winter sale 2020 12 games hidden gems indie

In this article, we will give you hidden gems and their prices that you overlooked. We’ve compiled a list for indie game lovers and those who don’t want to miss out on Steam Winter …




braid lets talk about indie games

Braid is the game that inspired other game lovers. It was one of the first independent games of history. It made a big splash when it debuted in 2008 and is a masterpiece with time-back mechanics and puzzles.






super meat boy thumbs up lets talk about indie games

Super Meat Boy is a unique game with its addictive gameplay and the balance of difficulty that pushes the player to play immediately.


It allows you to get back to the beginning of the episode without making you wait and keep your eyes on the screen.


Apart from these, the super meat boy, with different touches in character control and self-renewing platform elements, became an inspiration for the other platform games.




inside&limbo lets talk about indie games

Limbo is one of the productions that opened a new way for other games. It has left its mark on the game world with its storytelling and full-tasting puzzles.


Inside surpassed the limbo and  became a successful game. With the impressive ending sequence, it offers an experience that will not be easily forgotten.




Exciting News Indie Game Lovers Hotline Miami 3 Coming Devolver Digital Twitter E3 games gaming independent 3rd retro 1980s 2D music OST

Hotline Miami is a cornerstone among indie games. Action-oriented and wild game. It offers good gameplay thanks to its tactical structure and reflex development. 




what remains of edith finch lets talk about indie games

It is a must-play game for anyone who wants to make story-driven games. Presenting these using very impressive methods makes it unique.


It’s proof that, in the right hands, games can be a better storytelling tool than movies.




undertale about indie gamesAppearing as an ordinary game, Undertale has become the most impressive game of the game industry. It is a game where you can defeat the enemies by just talking.


You should also check out these games.


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  • Paper’s Please
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  • Celeste
  • Stardew Valley
  • Bastion
  • Transistor
  • Hollow Knight

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