Memoriable Female Characters In Video Games

memoriable female characters in video games


No matter how much time passes, the female characters in the games have an enormous place in the gamers’ memory.

Although Lara Croft is one of the first names that come to mind, we will take a look at an unusual list in the old pages of the time.


Rayne – BloodRayne


Female characters in video games rayne bloodrayne


The first name on our list is Rayne, the main character of the Blood Rayne games. Rayne, a bloodsucking vampire with red hair and a mischievous demeanor, was once one of the most famous female characters.


Rayne’s reputation made us remember the game even after years of failure despite the failure of the Blood Rayne games.




female characters in video games bayonetta


One of the female characters that stand out with their physical appearance is Bayonetta. Nevertheless, if we say only beautiful about Bayonetta, we would be unfair to her. It is useful to say that Bayonetta has a solid, grounded stance with his ego and cool responses to other characters.


Elena Fisher


Female characters in video games elena fisher uncharted


We know Elena as a curious journalist who entered our lives with the Uncharted series. With her relationship with Nathan and her sense of humor, she managed to endear herself in a short time.


Nariko-Heavenly Sword


females characters in video games nariko heavenly sword


Nariko was one of the female characters that caught our eye among PlayStation exclusive games.


The Heavenly Sword, which is the first game of Playstation 3 and sadly does not have a continuation, fascinates the players with its magnificent wavy hair. Nariko is one of the female characters memorized even with a single game.


Faith – Mirror’s Edge


female video games characters mirrors edge faith


Faith is the most different name on this list because Mirror’s Edge is a first-person game, but the main reason why our main character is so famous comes from the unique structure of the game. Faith’s agility and flexibility are among her most prominent features.




female characters in video games halo cortana


Cortana, artificial intelligence at its entity, has been one of the most important characters in the Halo series so far. Cortana has become a character embraced by Halo players, with her remotely accompanying missions and an impressive place in the story.


Morrigan – Dragon Age:Origins


female characters in video games morrigan dragon age


The arrogant wizard comrade Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins is a female character who has managed to impress the players. Morrigan was the most powerful and tough sorcerer you wouldn’t want to separate from your group.


And of course, with the unexpected touch in the game’s finale, it did not go out of the players’ minds for a long time.



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