Outlast | A Horror Game That Increases Tension

Outlast | A Horror Game That Increases Tension


Outlast begins with the arrival of Miles Upshur, a curious journalist, to the mental hospital. A scandal in 1971 caused the Mount Massive Asylum hospital to close. It reopens in 2009 under a different name, but the government closes it again for unknown reasons. Miles takes action to find out the reasons for this shutdown and to report. And so the game begins.


In the Outlast, no weapons can be used to defend or attack, except for the night vision camera that constantly needs batteries. When the camera’s night vision is used, the battery consumption accelerates, and the search for batteries in a hurry also increases the tension of the atmosphere.


Outlast | A Horror Game That Increases Tension


The inability to do anything other than escape and hide in the game increases the feeling of helplessness, so it gives the tension that should be taken from a horror-themed game. There is nothing to interact with within the game other than the battery, patient archives, and task items.


While the idea of ​​being in a mental hospital is scary enough, it turns the atmosphere into a horror carnival with the notes written in blood on the walls and pieces of human flesh encountered in the environment.


Outlast | A Horror Game That Increases Tension


Together with the voices and music in parallel with the graphic success, Outlast makes you feel its atmosphere, tension, and horror elements to the fullest.


The game stands out as the most successful representative of the horror games wave that became popular with the Amnesia series in every aspect. If you want to be scared and haven’t tried to outlast yet, this game is just for you.



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