Quantum Break | The Game That Destroys Its Own Potential


Quantum Break | The Game That Destroys Its Own Potential


Quantum Break was one of the games most gamers were waiting for. For those who love the genre, it promised everything that could be searched for in a game. Such as impressive graphics, action-packed gameplay, and an extraordinary story.


With its elements, Sam Lake, the creator of Max Payne and Alan Wake, would make a gift to the x-box brand and the game world. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.


Looking at the visuality of the game, it looks exquisite. Of course, although it is a great feat to be able to reveal these graphics, it also brings some sacrifices behind it.



For example, linearity.


There is no scope to navigate in the game. And the game progresses in almost one path.


There are two types of action in Quantum Break. One of them is to use weapons as in the classic shooter game. And the other is to use special powers.


In terms of gameplay, Quantum Break is not a super versatile game.



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Is Quantum Break a science fiction series or a game?


However, the game has a huge problem in that it constantly interrupts the game for the sake of storytelling.


Apart from the cutscenes, what it means to put a 20-minute TV series between episodes is still not clear. Thus, the time spent by the player to warm up to the game could be completely wasted.


Even though the story told was gripping, the intervening scenes were no more than boring progress.




In Quantum Break, we can see some RPG genre crumbs. Since it is a linear game, the skill development part is uniform but sufficient.

However, in a linear game like Quantum Break, collecting the desired items from right to left is a behavior that does not aim at all.


Besides, this skill thing is one of the other factors that disrupt the flow of the game.

While Quantum Break could be a much better game, far below its potential due to the mistake of focusing on the show.


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