Save System That Makes Long-term Games Possible

Everything changed after the Save system came into the game world.
"Everything changed after the Save system came into the game world."


Save system that makes long game possible


The save system, which has been an indispensable part of the game world for many years, was not a sought after feature in the first days of games.


There was a time when games such as Tetris, chess, and checkers were used to transition to arcade games. Despite this, the game mentality of that time was swimming in shallower waters than today. The game companies, which managed to get into our homes from the big machines played with tokens in the game halls, could not go beyond the play and finish logic, even though they made impressive games for a long time.


Games in the old years generally promised a short playing time, but in the following years, as longer-term games started to appear, the need arose to record the progress of the players. However, due to the technological inadequacies of the time, game makers brought the password system as a different solution. Thanks to this system, the password that appears on the screen when a section is finished are taken aside, then when the game is re-entered, the password is used to continue from where it was left.


Save system that makes long game possible tetris


Since some games do not contain any character enhancement elements, they only have passwords that can keep the chapter information in memory and consist of words. Games with a complex structure used strings of letters and numbers in their codes.

Since the encryption method, which was widely used in the 80s, was insufficient with the development of technology and games, hardware manufacturers and game producers sought different methods.




Nintendo, which added success to its success in the arcade game genre in the 1980s, started to take steps to develop a cartridge-based game console. After long planning, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) became an 8-bit 3rd Generation home game console manufactured by Nintendo.

The game named Legend of Zelda, released on Nintendo’s NES console in 1987, was the first production to introduce the recording system we know to players. The NES games in the cartridges were a revolutionary innovation to record the progress in the game thanks to the rams that can work with their own batteries.


Save system that makes long term game possible nintendo nes


In the following years, the biggest change regarding the recording method was that the recording file was saved in the hardware, not the game itself. For example, in the first two Playstation game consoles, the recording files were saved to external hardware called memory card. Equipped with 15 blocks of memory, the PS 1MB memory card had the ability to save or reload game data. These cards, which are attached to the joystick of the console, were among the most needed parts of the period, although they had low memory. In the following periods, hard disks that can be mounted inside consoles were used.


Save system that makes long term game possible playstation one memory card



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With the advancement of the save system on the PC side, the ability to save anywhere in the game has been achieved. Consoles had registration point mechanics. When we came to the seventh generation, many production companies started to give up the feature of saving at the desired location.


The save system, which could maintain its prevalence for a long time, was automatic recording. In this system, which is included in almost every game, the game was automatically saved when the players reached a specified point.


Another system used by producers who often don’t want to save games and make games too punitive was a checkpoint. Developers, who put automatic save per episode, started to set checkpoints at regular intervals. The GTA game series is one of the best examples of the checkpoint.

Thus, it is an indisputable fact that the renewal of the registration algorithm varies according to the system used and from game to game.


As you can see, the game world has the capacity to take its own steps quickly with the advancement of technology over time, as in all areas of life. Now players have a long and technically more comprehensive save system.


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