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The Game That Calls You Into The Darkness review gameplay

The Darkness 2, developed by Digital extremes, which we know from Bioshock and Homefront games, is a first-person shooter game that includes darkness and action.


The Darkness, which was presented to the players as a console game in 2007, appears on all platforms on the PC after a full 5 years.


The Game That Calls You Into The Darkness review


In the game that starts with a cinematic, information about the previous game is given to those who did not play the first game, and The Darkness 2 is about the events exactly 2 years after the first game.


After the first game, Jackie was able to take control of his dark forces and continue his life as the mafia boss.
He still cannot forget his girlfriend Jenny’s death 2 years ago, and we can even travel to the memories of Jenne with the cinematics between the game.


The Game That Calls You Into The Darkness review


After being attacked at the beginning of the game, Jackie is in a difficult situation and has to make a big decision that will affect his life. And with this decision, his agreement with the dark comes to the fore again.


Our character in the game has rich attack features. We can make more effective attacks with different combinations with both firearms and snake-like creatures on our right and left.

In the game, we are accompanied by a demon named Darkling, which gives us a constant advantage with its ability to show us the way, neutralize enemies, and many other features.


The Game That Calls You Into The Darkness review


Darkness is your best friend in the game. Because when we enter the illuminated environments, we become weak.

Our enemies, who become aware of this vulnerability, start attacking with light bombs and projectors.

Although it looks a little barbaric, we can refill our reduced lives with the hearts of the enemies we killed.

We also use a skill tree-like system to improve the skills we have.


The Game That Calls You Into The Darkness review


With the Vendetta mode, you can do the side missions of the game with your friends and learn more about the story.


The graphic texture of the comic book is designed under the subject and dynamics of the game.


Darkness 2, which is good in terms of story and presentation, is a must-try game for those who love action and FPS genres, despite some shortcomings.


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