The Final Station Review

the final station

Do you like that dystopic, ambiguous, and post-apocalyptic atmosphere of Half-Life?

Then the atmosphere of The Final Station will impress you as much as I do.

Soon, the civilization we know has come to an end in a way because a black substance allegedly dropped from space turned humans into mindless and aggressive creatures. The rest of the people now live only in small settlements around the stations. But the end is approaching. The world is losing its battle against this alien object. And everyone is slowly turning into those black-skinned aggressive creatures.


final station game steam tiny build


Post apocalyptic adventure from one station to another

The game also has a very mysterious story that doesn’t explain everything, leaving you to find some things. In each episode, there are small clues and notes about what has happened until that day.


final station game steam tiny build



The style and the drawings of the game are very suitable and wonderfully handled. The impressive atmosphere of the places and places we passed during the journeys between stations makes you wonder what you will encounter next.


It’s a great game with pixel graphics where you won’t understand how it effectively reflects horror, thriller, and science fiction to you. It is a game that must be played and experienced. Although the gameplay is very shallow and repeats itself, thanks to its story and excellent atmosphere, this situation does not bother.


final station traitor dlc


-The Only Traitor DLC-


The story is as good as the main game. The locomotive in the main game is replaced by a car this time. And we start our journey to keep ourselves and our vehicle alive.


I feel like it’s required to play if you enjoyed the main game.


 Especially with that twist ending.

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