The Pandemic and Its Effects on the Game World

The Pandemic and Its Effects on the Game World Covid19


The world has had to deal with an pandemic , and everyone is trying to keep up. Unfortunately, the game world is also trying to manage with the changes of the pandemic.

During this period, everyone took some precautions. Like wearing a mask, maintaining hygiene, and social (physical) distance.


But one of the most important protection is to stay at home. With the spread of the virus around the world, people stayed their homes as a precaution.


So what happened to the situations in the game industry during on covid19?


How did the pandemic effect the game world?


This period created both positive and negative situations for the gaming industry.


The interest in video games reached record levels when people could not find much of activity at home.


However, the pandemic era brought new challenges to game producers. Most importantly, many games had to delay.


Another reason is that working conditions have become more and more difficult during this unfortunate epidemic.


How did the pandemic effect the game world?



How did the pandemic effect the game world?


The Game Developers Conference conducted a survey.


According to the survey, one-third of the developers delayed their projects due to the Corona Virus.


The report claims that 70% of developers have had to work from home since the outbreak started.


Even the developers, who said that there was no delay in their games, stated that they felt the effects of the Corona Virus.


41% said that productivity has decreased since the pandemic began.


35% of their creativity has decreased, and about 41% said they have to work longer hours from home than before.


26% of them said that their income has decreased.


12% of people said they would like to continue working from home even if treatment is available, and many studios even made plans to adapt to this working system.


It is an obvious fact that the contagious has serious effects on the gaming industry as it affects every aspect of our lives.



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