The Swapper | Impressive Game With Marvelous Puzzles

The Swapper Impressive Game With Marvelous Puzzles


The Swapper, which is a mixture of 2-dimensional platform puzzles, sometimes offers a unique adventure with portal-like puzzles.


Our character, who has to make an emergency landing because the spaceship is running out of fuel, finds himself in an abandoned research center.As the game progresses, it is noticed that research is being carried out on the strange rocks encountered around this research center.


As time passes, we are trying to get rid of this planet as quickly as possible with the effects of mental fatigue and loneliness.


The Swapper Impressive Game With Marvelous Puzzles review


We aim to open doors that need energy resources and to continue our way by activating transitions.


Our weapon, which is our biggest assistant in this difficult struggle, has some real features.


The first feature is that the person holding the weapon creates a total of four clones. Then we can place them in places we cannot reach by making the clones do the same movement as we do.


The second feature allows the interchange between clones. In this way, instant transitions can be made to places that cannot be reached.


The Swapper Impressive Game With Marvelous Puzzles review


Although the game progresses by solving puzzles, information about the scenario is given by reading the archives around.


It is possible to see the adequacy of the atmosphere and graphics throughout the game. The light games and fog effects are certainly satisfactory.


The swapper promises more than a standalone platform game. There is no other game where you can be so affected by psychological constrictions and the processing of loneliness.


Besides, for each clone left behind to pass the puzzles, there is a feeling that something has been severed from you.


If you like science fiction and space games, you should play this independent game.




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