The Upcoming VALORANT Agent Could Be A Samurai!

valorant new agent samurai icebox riot The upcoming VALORANT agent could be a samurai!


As you know, Riot Games‘ new FPS game VALORANT has recently entered a new stage. Immediately after this transition, players started looking for hidden clues on the newly added Icebox map.


Looks like they found it!


In line with Riot’s policy so far, every Battle Pass showed minor leaks from the next Stage agent. We saw leaks that would reference Killjoy in Phase 2 and Skye in Phase 3. As it appears in the Battle Pass of this Stage and the newly added map Icebox, the next upcoming agent could be a samurai. Although there is no exact information yet, we can say that this samurai will be the new agent in line with the experiences we have gained from the previous Stages.


The upcoming VALORANT agent could be a samurai!


If you want to read more theories about this samurai agent, you can go to the relevant Reddit thread by clicking here.


Tier 3 Battle Pass also gives clues from a Japanese warrior. The fourth tier shows the silhouette of a samurai holding a gun between two gargoyles. Stage 38 clearly shows us a samurai mask.



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