Valorant Introduces Its New Weapon Skins “Ion”

Meet Valoran's new weapon skin in silver tones. ION.
"Meet Valoran's new weapon skin in silver tones. ION"


VALORANT introduces its new weapon skin series Ion riot


Valorant introduced the new series of weapon skinsIon, to the players with a video posted on social media accounts.

Valorant continues to expand its store day by day.


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The new series of weapon skins named Ion and attracting attention with their futuristic lines will be added to the play store on November 11


PhantomOperatorBuckySheriff, and a knife will be included in the new weapon skin package, presented to the players with a remarkable promotional film.


The ion weapon skin will also feature custom kill and recharge animations. Players who purchase the weapon skin pack will also receive a piece of Ionian-themed weapon luck. The package price is expected to be 7.100 VP.


These eye-catching and mouth-watering weapon skins seem to have a lot of interest from Valorant players.


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