We Want More Games Like Dishonored

We want more games like Dishonored, and we have good reasons for that
"We want more games like Dishonored, and we have good reasons for that"


games like dishonored reasons


We want more games like Dishonored, and we have good reasons for that. Before we list our reasons, let’s take a look at the game itself. Although it will be a summary, there is nothing more natural than reviewing and describing the game itself.


What are the things that make Dishonered a great game?


Just like in all the cascading series, its story, distinctive visual design, the impressive built world, background story, and iconic characters.


Above all, the main reason for Dishonered’s success was the level of diligence of the developers of the game.



Another factor in the success of the game is its unforgettable characters.


So iconic and impressive that you manage to establish an emotional connection with all of them. The fact that it enables different empathy with each character in the game is not something we are used to in the game world.


Throughout the story that begins with our protagonist Corvo Attano, we can feel his pain and anger. We care about Emily Kaldwin as much as our daughter.


games like dishonored reasons


The Outsider, who gives us our powers, is intriguing as a mysterious character and saddens us when we learn his story with the Death of Outsider DLC.


Even getting to know the assassin Daud and seeing the conflict within himself, we can empathize with him.


Delilah, Anton Sokolov, Billie Lurk, and many other different characters manage to gain a foothold in our minds.



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games like dishonored reasons


One more aspect that the Dishonered team managed to master was the game’s episode design.


Each episode presents a limited semi-open world. The dimensions of which are vertical design and using the building interiors, giving the player a lot of space to explore. Soon, you can automatically go to another more effective search so that you will internalize that the path to the goal is more than one.


It offers an improvised gaming experience by giving the player all the tools with a wide variety of features available and providing every space to complete the task.


He has managed to influence the lives of many players by doing what he does right.

Although the story of Corvo and Emilyn is over, hopefully someday the Dishonored series will continue with a new game

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