What is a Roguelike? The Beginner’s Manual

Let us talk about Rogue-like games that offer players hundreds of hours of playing time.
"Let us talk about Rogue-like games that offer players hundreds of hours of playing time."

First of all, what is the Rogue?


Rogue is a dungeon crawler RPG game released in 1980. There is a different kind of gameplay that was not seen very often on that date. When your character dies, you have to start the game from the beginning. When you start again, you begin a completely different experience in a randomly generated map.


rogue game orginal old


The Rogue-like genre has been revived in recent years and has come up with various examples.


So it is possible to say that it is popular again.


As mentioned before, when we die in Rogue-like games, we start the game over. But it offers different paths in randomly generated maps.


So what is the Difference between Rogue-like and rogue-lite?


The origins of the rogue game go back to the 80s. Games have naturally changed, evolved, and modernized since then. In the original rogue game, it was necessary to get rid of some of the strict rules and soften them a little. The word rogue-lite is born from this softened state.


Let’s take a look at the examples of the genre that left their mark on the game world.


Let's Talk About Indie Games ftl limbo bastion fez braid

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ftl faster than light roguelike


FTL is a game that takes place in space. We go on an adventure with our crew. It can be called a turn-based strategy game that we can play by stopping time. Every time we start again, we can have a completely different game experience on several routes.




isaac the binding of isaac roguelike roguelite


It is a rogue-like game where we control the character named Isaac. It is a rogue-like game with fascinating references. The game uses the first dungeon system in the legend of Zelda. A game where we move from one room to another.



dead cells roguelike roguelite platformer


Dead Cells is an action-platform game with rogue-like elements. It also increases the desire to play over and over with Metroidvania touches. Also, they released a new DLC  recently.




children of morta roguelike roguelite


It tells the story of a family who are the guardians of Mount Morta. You play every member of the family in some way. Thus, it offers different experiences with different characters. On the other hand, it feels much more interesting than other rogue-like games with its successful storytelling style.




dont starve dont starve together roguelike


It is on the list of games that triggered the rogue-like trend. We can say that it attracts the attention of the players with its survival element.




sunless skies roguelike


If you love craft-like universes that give goosebumps and if you enjoy text-based games, Sunless Skies is the game for you.




spelunky spelunky 2 roguelike roguelite


Spelunky is a platform game in which we go underground and encounter new enemies and new ruins. It draws attention to its nervous gameplay structure. There is no excuse for the smallest mistake in this game


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